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Company profile

We have been focusing on the production of shading technology since the 1990s. Proving that we have not slowed down is not only the expansion of our products throughout the Czech Republic, but also across Europe with a branch of the manufacturing company in Portugal. We are proud of our corporate shift, at the same time we do not stand still and we are constantly looking for ways to improve more. We pay great attention to the quality of our delivered goods and services. Our know-how is above all an individual approach, speed, precision and willingness to meet customer needs.
Because there can be no quality goods and a satisfied customer without quality employees, we rely heavily on a quality corporate culture and fair trade. Our goal is to provide employees with all the comfort in the form of a pleasant environment, benefits, corporate events and many other benefits.


Sun protection

We produce tailor-made products, our product range includes the complete range of interior sun protection.



We pride ourselves on flawless design that is not only beautiful, but also functional.



We no longer supply our products only in the Czech Republic. Since 1997, you can find our systems products throughout Europe.


Handmade production

Quality of our products is of key importance for us. We use modern technology, but put great emphasis on solid handwork of our skilled employees

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