We supply you with the best quality design products of shading technology.

Company profile

We are focusing on shading technology production since 90Th of the last century. We keep growing and as a proof your can see an enlarging portfolio of our products all around the Czech republic but also Europe, with a production branch in Portugal. We are very proud of our brand progress and we make the strongest effort not to rest on our laurels and we constantly keep finding new ways of improvement. We take pride of a quality of our goods and services. Our know how is above all individual approach, promptness, precocity and willingness to meet ends of our costumers. Our goal is to provide our employees with all possible comfort, nice working environment, benefits, company events and many others advantages.


Sun protection

We produce tailor-made products, our offer includes complete range of interior sun protection.



We pride ourselves on flawless design that is not only beautiful, but also functional.



We no longer supply our products only in the Czech Republic.Naše výrobky už nedodáváme pouze po České republice. Since 1997, you can meet our systems throughout Europe.


Handmade production

Quality of our products is of key importance for us. We use modern technology, but place great emphasis on solid handwork of our skilled employees.

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