Interior sun protection

Put your windows in a style and in an effective way.

Thanks to our products your will feel the comfort and cosiness in your interior, because shading technology is not just an ordinary aluminium jalousie anymore. We offer a huge range of products of highly designed jalousies and rollers including theirs accessories and we take pride of individual customers approach, speed and top-notch quality. Thanks to this we are the most sought-after brand on the market since 1992.

We are constantly overcoming the potential limits of the impossible


Sun protection

We produce tailor-made products, thanks to which you‘ll have the light under control.



We pride ourselves on flawless design that is not only beautiful, but also functional.


Handmade production

We use modern technology, but place great emphasis on solid handwork of our skilled employees.



Since 1997, you can meet our systems throughout Europe.

Life in Omnika

Life in Omnika is thanks to over than 350 employees constantly growing and moving forward. One of our main postulates is a fair game, hard work and respect to each either and especially to out customers. Our results bring joy to peoples ‘ lives and makes them easier. Come join our team and become a part of an entity that makes sense. We are Omnika and we are proud of it.

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Transparency is of key importance to us

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